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Like Nobody’s Watching by Tara Frejas

There are stories that will induce some light-hearted kilig (giddiness) to tickle your heart. Stories that will pull heartstrings and make you feel emotions sneak up beside you until they finally catch you off guard. I really love those kinds of stories. Ones that’ll make you spit-out-your-coffee-while-laughing type, those ones that’ll make you wanna punch some douche bag character for being a first class asshole, and of course the one that’ll unknowingly make you shed a few tears, of both sadness and happiness.

That’s what Like Nobody’s Watching made me feel.

That’s how Pio and Audrey affected me.

Like Nobody’s Watching is Tara Frejas latest work that’ll capture your heart. This is the story of Pio Alvez and Audrey Alonzo. Pio Alvez is already a familiar face/name, we last saw him in Waiting in the Wings with Erin and Ramon. Although he didn’t exactly get the fairytale happy ending that he wanted he was gifted with a good company of friends in the form of the entire Teatro Lakambini. His story continues now as he faces new challenges and deals with his personal struggles. Suffering a bit of a setback in his career we first see Pio trying to wade in the tricky corners of his industry. Auditions, screen tests, and table reads mostly filled his calendar. Trying to get out of the funk he is in. Then at the most unlikely time, he met Audrey.

Audrey Alonzo is still dealing with the fallout of getting dumped. A decade-long relationship that went down the drain. But it seems that her now ex, Luigi Blanco is doing just fine moving on to a new girl and parading her to all their friends to see. And in the advent of social media, it feels like there’s no escaping it. While she is still carefully dodging telling her family about her heartache, she also has to work on staying professional and civil, because, after all that, she still has to work with Luigi back at Same Feather Media. Then she met Pio, and just when she thought it’ll be just a one time acquaintance it seems the universe has some other plans for them.

Pio and Audrey’s story is a delight to read. From the straight out funny banter (that bit where Shinta Mori was mentioned made me cackle so hard) and comebacks to the moving heart-to-heart conversation they share. Like Nobody’s Watching sheds more light to the celebrity that is Pio Alvez. When I first read about him in Waiting in the Wings, to be completely honest, I thought his kindness was just a facade. Something he had to portray for his fans. Maybe just keeping up appearances with the roles he took, but that thought was quickly dismissed by the events in WITW. It made me curious about what makes him tick. And what really lies beneath that smile.

Like Nobody’s Watching was successful in giving us an in-depth look at Pio. The funny, thoughtful and caring guy that he is. Always trying to fix things that are broken, whether that is an unruly faucet or maybe a broken heart. It also revealed the steamy and sexy side of him (YAAAS!).

I like how absolutely relatable Audrey is. From her no non-sense attitude, professionalism at work to her dedication and loyalty to her family. Her struggles are all too real too and somewhat hits a little too close to home. I admire her spirit, the petite thing that she is, she definitely packs a whole lot of punch. She takes as well as she gives. It’s no wonder connecting to her was easy.

Pio and Audrey’s story teaches you about the chances that you take and where these chances may lead you. About how starting over sometimes begins with taking that step into allowing yourself to feel a little happiness apart from the usual sadness. About maybe taking that leap of faith and learning how to trust someone else with your heart again. 💜


Read: October 21, 2017

The BookNut Verdict: 5 out of 5



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