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LOGAN (A Preston Brothers Novel #2) by Jay McLean

It’s no doubt that Jay McLean holds a special place in my heart and on my bookshelf. Her way with words just never fails to amaze me. She writes about family, friends, and love with all passion and all heart. You’ll feel the emotions bleed and flow from every sentence, every dialogue on every page. She will always make you feel like a part of this world she created, this family beyond blood and beyond distance. She’ll make you love and hurt and heal. That’s what this book feels like.

Logan is the second book in the Preston Brothers series by Jay McLean. The Preston Brothers is a spin-off of our well-beloved More Than series. In this book, we follow the story of the middle child of the Preston family: the stoner, the drop-out, the black sheep, the disappointment. But underneath all the cockiness and bravado of Logan Preston lies a man with a well of emotions, memories, and nightmares that he keeps on running away from.

That’s until he met a girl with the scarlet hair, with the upturned nose and freckles. Aubrey, the girl who dresses for seasons and matches his banter and jokes with her own boldness. The one person that Logan would care for outside of his family.

“We can’t ever let the people in our pasts, and the pasts we created, define who we are and what we stand for, what we live for. What we love for.” 

Logan is raw, gritty, genuine, impassioned and poignant. It tells you of a story that we think we already know, but a handful of chapters in, you’ll discover that you are one with Aubrey in asking “What’s beneath the bravado Logan Preston?”. I admire that Jay is always so brave in tackling storylines and characters that most authors shy away from. The way she wrote Logan’s struggle with substance abuse and his motivations are bold and enlightening. It challenges the reader to face hard truths and grapple with the swirl of emotions going through each character. I like her use of imagery in depicting Logan’s battle with drugs.

“The problem with wanting something, or someone, is that you can’t control how long you keep them for. Or the hurt it might cause when you lose them.”

Aubrey and Logan’s story is intense. The way their feelings unfold each chapter is potent and fierce. Both flawed but are longing for the same thing. I love that they get each other’s humor, they’re free-spirited and innately kind. I couldn’t stop laughing at the hilarious flirtation and banter that went on between these two. And can I just say that their sex scenes are steamy as hell!

What made me always love McLean’s work is how intricate she writes her secondary characters and the way she is able to weave familial relationships into her story so seamlessly while still maintaining its authenticity. I’ve always admired how she can put together friendships that make you long to belong to that fictional world she has created, but nothing can replace that feeling of connection you have to this family, the Prestons, to which you’ll feel so protective of and emotionally invested. It feels like we’ve seen them grow and progress from each book, from the More Than series up until Lucas (Preston Brothers #1) and now to Logan. From Leo going off to college, to the twins Liam and Linc growing up to be YouTube famous and to the always so lovable Lachlan. Reading glimpses of the Cameron and Lucy, Big Logan and Amanda, and Lucas and Laney are like the cherry on top.

Overall, Logan is another must-read from Jay McLean. The way she plies her characters and the stories beneath each emotion is one of a kind. I love how Logan’s journey took shape and came full circle. Get ready to have sweaty eyeballs and be prepared to have your heart leap out of your chest. Logan + Aubrey is out to win your hearts. 💙💙💙


Read: September 23, 2017

The BookNut Verdict: 5 out of 5


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