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Wounded Little Gods by Eliza Victoria

This is a late blog post but I still wanted to put it out there. Last week this was the book I carried in my bag to read while waiting in queue or while commuting. I made a pledge at the start of the year that I’ll read more books written by Filipino authors as much as the foreign ones I read.

And I was certainly not disappointed with Wounded Little Gods.  It’s an amazing mix of scientific facts and data meshed with small town folklore, local flavor and heritage.


Eliza Victoria is a Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards winner for Literature and the Philippines Free Press Literary Awards and National Book Award-winning author (Dwellers 2014),  her works have appeared in several online and print publications, including Daily Science Fiction, Stone Telling, Room Magazine, Story Quarterly, The Pedestal Magazine, High Chair, and the Philippine Speculative Fiction anthologies.*

I’ll be posting my full review real soon!




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