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The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

The Rest of Us Just Live Here

The Rest of Us Just Lives Here is the newest release by the award-winning American author Patrick Ness. You must know him from his amazing works like A Monster Calls (which is now a major motion picture) and my all-time favorite the Chaos Walking trilogy. In The Rest of Us Just Lives Here Patrick Ness lets you enter the world where there are Chosen Ones who are destined for something massive and life-changing, but what happens when you’re just one of the kids trying to live with these Chosen ones? How does your story, your destiny conclude?

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The Rest of Us Just Lives Here is a coming of age novel which deals with the complications of the choices we make and the consequences that comes with it in an unusual setting. Taking place in a “normal” world where extraordinary things happen but only a selected few notices, it talks about how people deal and cope with situations that most of us would rather not talk about in public. In a town where the “Indie Kids” or so-called Chosen ones, are out saving the world battling vampires, ghosts and zombie invasion, the rest of us are just trying to graduate from high school without getting the school blown-up. Again. At least that’s what, Mikey the main character along with his sister and friends are trying to survive.

“I don’t feel any clearer… I just feel like my body is in all these different pieces and even though it looks like I’m all put together, the pieces are just really floating there and if I fall down too hard, I’ll fly apart.”

The book touches on so many things but it managed to stay on course. Ness was able to write about the constant struggles of a young kid who is battling anxiety while trying to keep together what’s left of his family. As his mother attempts to maintain a facade of the perfect family to the public, he is left with making an effort to keep everything from falling apart. He tries to go through the motions of a normal high school life while making sure not to lose his mind. Couple that with his pinning for his sister’s best friend and a complex relationship with his own best friend, Mikey gets to discover that for once not being an Indie Kid is actually alright. Saves him from the burden of trying to save the rest of the town. Or does it?

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“Kindness is the most important thing of all. Pity is an insult. Kindness is a miracle.”

I’ve always like how Patrick Ness bestow different nuggets of wisdom through his books. I’ve always thought he is one of the most underrated children’s author out there. In his latest release, he has yet again tackled many sensitive but relevant topics that are happening to a lot of young kids and adults even in a nicely delivered story and well-crafted characters. I’ve always admired how his humor adds more flare to the characters and story.

Patrick Ness will always be up on my list of “go-to” writers and if you are into unique and clever storytelling, then you have to pick up this book.

Read: May 9, 2016

The BookNut Verdict: 4 out of 5



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