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Redemptive (Combative #2) by Jay McLean

I have been meaning to write blog posts about some of my favorite book series. So far I really haven’t found enough time to squeeze that goal in. One of the authors who I’ve come to love and adore the past year is Jay McLean. I discovered her More Than series through the recommended section in Goodreads. When I started it, I wasn’t aware it was a series but I devoured each book and in no time, I found myself sucked into a world full of love, friendship and a whole ton of mayhem 🙂

Since then there was no looking back, I silently stalked her Goodreads page and read all her new books outside of the More Than series. Then I stumbled upon her fan group in Facebook, which I joined instantly of course. I was just a lurker in the background, reading and laughing my ass off with all the funny stuff being shared by readers and fans like me from the other side of the globe. Until one day I had the courage to add her on Facebook, and I squealed like a little girl when she accepted. I was feeling so badass and proud that I was ‘friends’ with one of my favorite authors. Slowly I built the courage to participate in Jaybird’s MoreMunity (Jay McLean Fan Group) and I’m overwhelmed with joy to say that this is one of the most welcoming, sweet, funny and crazy bunch of people who I’m happy to be in contact with, even if it was just online. I felt so lucky, that this is the first fan group I joined in and I hit the jackpot!

Why do I feel the need to write all of this in line with this review? Well because I think it’s necessary for you guys to know my Jaybird history. And what happens when your favorite author luckily picks you to have an ARC of her new book? You simply drop everything else that you’re reading and devour her words until you are an emotional mess and a big ball of questions. Hahaha, but seriously, Redemptive is one helluva read.

Redemptive E-book

“Like we were both living a lie; hoping that someday we’d mean something. We both wanted to matter.” – Bailey

If you aren’t aware this book is the second in the series and I would suggest picking up Combative before you dive in this one.

Redemptive opens up to six years before Ky Parker and Madison/Bailey met. It tells you the story of Bailey and how her past is so intricately webbed with Ky’s life. You’ll get to see how this is so integral to her personality and the way she is in Combative. To say that I was surprised to see a familiar name in the next few chapters is a big understatement. I wasn’t sure at first but just like in so many of her books, I let Jay take me to where her story and characters would lead me.

Whenever I read a book series, I’m usually quick to take sides and root for certain characters. I feel for them easily and get attached to them as their story progresses. I’m completely shocked that as strongly as I felt for Ky in Combative, I also fell hard for Nate, my beautiful broken boy. McLean told his story gradually, it was a slow build up but a really sweet one. All of a sudden you’ll find yourself looking into Nate DeLuca in a different light. It’ll confuse the hell out of you but then again you’ll feel that it seems right.

“I guess some things are greater than the fears we hold on to.” – Nate

Redemptive by Jay McLean

Jay McLean’s latest work is nothing short of amazing. I was blown away with Redemptive. I was already preparing my heart and soul from where we left off in Combative, but nothing would’ve prepared me enough.

It’s completely new and different from her previous works but as always she delivers the right emotional punches and hits you right on the spot. She definitely has a way with words and she weaves her stories so intricately that you have to hold your breath as it unfolds. You are in for an emotional tug of war which will leave your mind reeling with questions and your heart swimming with so many emotions. You’ll feel for characters you didn’t even know you’ll root for.

Redemptive Wrap

Redemptive is all-consuming and I am definitely excited for more. As this book answers certain questions from the first book, it also gives you a ton of new questions.

Read: March 5, 2016

The BookNut Verdict: 5 out of 5! 

Redemptive (Book 2, Combative Trilogy) – by Jay McLean is now live!






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