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2 AM Musings


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Am I a good writer? Nah, not so much, not yet. I’m an ok writer. Tolerable. Readable. Heck, I get my spelling wrong, mix up my words and screw up sentence construction. I feel that my thoughts get away from me even before I get the chance to write or type them down. I feel like I need to wrestle them down and arrange them in places so I can make sense of it all. I have this flow of words and I’m just waiting to let it pour. My mind keeps on rambling different random ideas and opinions. I sometimes I edit them in my head. Try to filter out the excess so I can figure out what I’m trying to say. I get tongue-tied even before the words reach my lips.

Between my babbling and all my musings I choose to write about what I love. I’m passionate about books and all things in between. The fandom, the anticipation of the next book in the series, the bittersweet moment whenever a good story comes to a close, the happiness of taking that journey and meeting amazing characters along the way.

With all that chaos inside my head, I still choose to write about what I know. ‘Cause I believe in my words. I stand by my opinion. I’m open to suggestions but you may find that you’ll have to work hard to persuade me. I’m bull-headed that way. But I listen to criticisms and welcome corrections. It may (will) bruise my pride a bit, but I’ll live. If my mistakes will make me a better writer, I openly embrace it all.

So what I’m really saying is, I’m still not as good as I want to be but I’ll get there, soon. With continued practice and lots of caffeine. I know I’m still a beginner and I’m still learning my craft. It may or may not work out but I can be proud in saying that I went out there and gave it my all.



Hello there! Thanks for stumbling through my little abode here. I’m self-confessed late bloomer voracious reader. Been doing a lot of catching up lately since I let me to-read pile grow a mile (a hundred miles) long. I’m in love with the written word although I have no formal training in writing. I just try to jot down random ramblings and thoughts in my mind before they escape me. My tastes in books aren’t discriminating, I can read almost anything with just a minor exception in the horror genre. Since I scare easily, I tend to back away from that. I read mostly fiction, from young adult, new adult (the older version of YA), sci-fi, thriller, mystery, action-adventure to of course romance (ahem smutty romance). I’m here to share my reviews for the books that I read. Share my thoughts about their authors and characters. I’m not here to blog about the technical aspect of it or give you spoilers (I hope not!) but more like give you insights about these various stories with the hopes that maybe I’ll be encouraging you to read them too. I hope you stayed long enough to get through this. If you did, then you’re the real MVP! Xoxo, The BookNut :)